Freelance writer Shelley Pittman has a diverse range of interests and experiences and enjoys writing in many genres. She combines her skills as a professional Chef, Restaurateur, Hotelier, and Wine Educator with her unquenchable appetite for travel and then weaves each experience into stories to share. She specializes in creative non-fiction articles about travel, culture, cuisines, and libations.

As a  travel writer, she’s been featured in magazines, newspapers, online, and e-magazines including  JPR Travel and Tourism, an International Travel Agency, European Life Magazine, A Luxury Lifestyle Magazine, Ukiah Dailey Journal, Drifter Planet, China Daily, New Delhi Times, and shares in-depth local attraction articles for various local Chamber of Commerce.

She also recognizes the importance of an online presence and is the editor for A Toast to Life Magazine. A travel magazine that is written by travel writers to influences followers with insightful articles and stories about luxury destinations, culture experiences, cuisine, and libations choices.

Knowing that pictures are worth a thousand words, she is a multimedia storyteller and photojournalist providing high-quality photographs to complete each story’s tale. Samples of her work can be viewed at

Shelley is available to write articles on assignment for editors. She writes well-researched, accurate and entertaining articles. She also welcomes partnerships with tourism boards, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants and sponsors of film, food, wine, and cultural events.  This partnership can be in the form of brand ambassadorship, blog articles, photographs and social media promotions. 

“Whether it’s with words or photographs, I love squeezing stories out of life and onto a page.”


 What this editor has to say

Shelley Pittman is actually a storyteller and her writing style makes you part of her story. She inspires and she knows her topics very well. 


That kind of quality is very special.  Our readers love her work and that is valuable for our magazine. Our team all wants to travel when Shelley send us a new article, she makes us curious to see the rest of the world, 

thank you, Shelley……

Bernadet Bijsterbosch

CEO European Life Media S.L


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