Ukiah Dailey Journal

Fall is looming, it’s time to go shrooming…Mendo style

As the season changes, fall’s cool coastal fog sifts through the Centurion Redwood trees’ branches enriching the forest floor with moisture before hugging the mountainsides and then as the rain caress the perched amber colored meadows, over 3,000 different varieties of sleeping fungi come to life. It is a blossom of Chanterelle, Porcini, Hedgehog, and Candy Cap bonanza. Full article


June 1, 2017

European Life Magazine

European Wines and California Cuisine It’s the perfect marriage for this seaside village

Northern California is famous for its breathtaking scenery, undeveloped coastal drives, country bistros and eccentric art epicenters. San Francisco and Napa Valley are the bustling gateway to this part of California but take a three-hour drive north, and everything changes.

Relax into a meandering pace as you drive along the curvy rural road that takes you through mountain ranges, then past acres of vineyards and farmlands, before arriving at charming seaside villages rich with fishing and maritime heritage. Old fortresses, creaky wooden piers, sea-salt sprayed lighthouses, and redefined timber lodges still stand strong while they weather the test of time. It appears that not much has changed in the past hundred years or so, including the pace of life. Moreover, the locals like it this